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A soldier for to be

He’s gone a soldier for to be;
to glory seek
in battles won and lost
is certainly his aim -
the World’s rejected him; and he’s
forsaken too.

And as a soldier he will see
that tides don’t turn
just so, but that mine host
has already descried
events so far unseen; and he’s
condemnèd still.

And so a soldier’s destiny,
and not the Holy Ghost,
is all that will ensue -
a death unseen, unspoke’; and he’s
asleep below.

He chose - a soldier’s life is free
from all save those
who neither count the cost
nor care for much save drink
and sportive girls and fun; and he’s
joined in the mill

He’s gone a soldier for to be -
and all for what?
His feelings are as frost
to all around.  They grieve
his loss and wish him back: and he’s
grieving - love - too.