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Where is the lavender?

Where is the lavender,
where are the lilac trees,
where are the butterflies,
where are the bees?

Where are the primroses
gay on the forest floor,
where are the fuchsia buds
close to the door?

What has become of
the cherry trees blossoming,
where are the thrushes
who merrily sing?

Why is there solitude
when I want gaiety,
why is there darkness
when I wish to see?

What has become of
the grey squirrel’s silver coat,
where is the weasel,
where is the stoat?

Rabbits and daffodils,
foxes and willow trees,
reeds in the backwaters,
where are all these?

Who will deny to me
meadows and drowsiness,
who is forbidding them,
how can I guess?

Bring back the summertime,
let my soul live again,
why are you keeping me
locked up in pain?

Grant me - oh, give to me
warmth of a Summer sky
that I may happy be
when I should die.