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Corporate Heresy

How long will it be
Before we are free
From the millstone of the terrible three;
To harness the forces
Of dormant resources
And rise to the challenge of bright new courses?
We seek to rekindle an ancient spark,
To serve as a beacon that shines in the dark
And guides our proud, but drifting ark

How far must we go
Before we can know
The sweet fruits of the seeds that we sow?
Inventiveness and intuition
On fertile ground will yield fruition;
But if initiative we stifle,
We risk our stooks to gain a trifle;
And what will serve as Winter fare
When finally the rickyard’s bare?

How long will it be
Before we agree
As one upon our destiny?
Freedom inspires a burnished vision
That breaks the shackles of the mind
And o’erleaps itself with bold ambition,
Enough to lighten e’en the blind;
To spurn the laughter and derision
That comforts those who’re left behind.

How oft’ must we weep
Whilst we silently creep
To harvest the ears that we long to reap?
Who knows what spectres lie in wait
For those dim lit by lunar rays
Whose secret struggle goes unsung,
While strutting peacocks hone their gait
To laud prescriptive, tawdry ways
With accolades, so idly flung.

What trials will there be
Before we decree
Our joyful, overt strategy?
How many will by the wayside fall
Before we hear the clarion’s call
That heralds the light of our new dawn?
Until that time we brave the maul
Beneath the battle’s choking pall
And count the cost, yet unforlorn.

What road must we travel
Before we unravel
The twisted straw from the wheaten gravel?
The rearguard will forever wrangle
With those whose reasoning is sound
And claim the strength of higher ground:
But we must patiently untangle
The threads with which our future’s bound
And seek the place where hope is found.

Oh, when will it be,
That time when we see
The pathway that leads to eternity?
There will be plenty, where now we glean
And capabilities, as yet unseen,
Will glow within the halo’s sheen.
Then all again will be united
By competencies often cited:
So will endeavour be requited.