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When first I went away
and left my love behind
my love was not reflected
within my sweetheart’s mind;
and so I pined ’most every day
for that I could not reach,
lonely and rejected
upon a tropic beach.

When next I left my lover
she knew not I had gone
until she read the tearful note
which said she was alone.
What pain to so discover
that love is torn apart,
to read those fateful words I wrote -
enough to break a heart.

I’ve left my love again
for bold Arabian skies,
so blue by day and dark by night-
a mystic Eastern prize;
and though we feel the pain
of distant separation,
we relish the delight
of reconciliation.

If e’er I journey far anew
without my lover near
I’ll cherish the sensation
I’ve cultivated here.
Our love in silence grew
while we were close together,
so now our quiet creation
seems deigned to last forever.