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Strategic Thinking

The Business Issues pages were originally conceived as a vehicle for my model of corporate innovation as part of my MBA project.  At that time, I was working in the field of strategic risk and undertook the MBA as part of my self-development.

Strategic risk is a little understood term that should be applied to business planning, project planning and govenrment policy. The lack of strategic risk management leads to reactive planning decisions and poor control of processes.

Innovation is a much used but misunderstood word.  A paper describing my model of the innovation process and a diagram of the model principles are included in these pages.  The paper is dedicated to helping people understand innovation in business and helping organisations achieve an innovation culture.

Strategic value management goes hand in hand with strategic risk management. Whereas risk manajgement looks to the future, value management looks at the current status as a stating point for designing the future.

Although the paper on the future of computers was written two decades ago, it is still as relevant today as it was then. Some of the technology has changed with time but the underlying pricniples reamain unchanged.