It seems to me...

It seems to me that love
(that most divine of all emotions)
cries out aloud ’gainst reason,
the intellect of a man;
for ’though this sole creation
(whose destiny in God, who love
and reason did create, is sure)
is governed by the intellect
that dwells within and grows
with age, increasing ever still,
yet do we act more oft’ than not
with love our only inspiration,
and doing so we thus transgress
the bounds of reason:
oh what resulting folly
comes forth from love’s fair ways
to stay the progress of he
who would see greater days!

Mankind of old was evil
(and even so today):
love ambition and hatred,
these three did make him so;
and though the latter bring success
(as does the reason of a man)
yet love - oh, no -
for he that loves is doomed to fail.

Despite my comprehension
yet still I feel compulsion,
esoteric duress
o’er physical success.