Two magnificent greys

As I lay in the mead with my love one day
’neath tall wavering grasses that boarder the trees,
I ’spied coming in through the gate from the lane
two magnificent greys.

Nodding their greetings to hawthorn and elder,
they entered and paused and looked round, well pleased
that the king of creation such beauties should render
the two magnificent greys.

The bright golden Sun glistened warm on their manes
as crowns, jewelled rich by the lull in the breeze;
from thrushes and robins an anthem proclaimed
the two magnificent greys.

They pulled at their reaping as Trojans in battle,
the bright flashing swords flayed the grass at the knees
and the conquered bowed down, offering their homage
to the two magnificent greys.

When battle was done they went out through the gate
and were gone, leaving only the newly made sheaves;
but that wonderful vision will never abate -
those two magnificent greys.