Pictures, pictures, many coloured visions
appear before my eyes,
depicting earth and heavens -
the realm of man before he dies;
and in these glittering jewels
I see life as it should be,
for my world, the world of fools,
is far removed from these. A different key
in which all sounds happy and gay,
to which my ear has become
attuned in such a way
that I cannot tell whence the music comes,
is that in which these dreams occur
when I am ’wakened from the real life -
that minor key which blurs
the eyes with sadness - mars happiness with strife.
If only I could leap the gorge
of unreality that lies between
this life and my dreams! To forge
a new existence, to convene
all the forces and powers that be
to help me start afresh; a few
of life’s priceless treasures is all I ask to see:
complement and simplicity true.