Symphony of words

Whispers through the darkness,
calling from afar
through aeons infinite,
as a distant meteor -
now here, now gone,
forever lost
in timeless stellar throes,
weave their spells of mystery
with ancient fronds
and gossamer at dawn,
when mists of drifting time
silently unfold,
melting slowly ’neath the rays
of new born life
that creep upon the choral stains
and expectant harmony
the leaves and blades between
in myriad spectra,
stealing incoherently
with stealth that chills the scalp
across the meadows
and absently my eyes survey
her breathless form -
the bright new Sun:
jewelled diadem of youth
whose magic, unsurpassed,
is mine alone
throughout an age, eternity
of human recollection,
fading time
that into dying conflagrations
is almost lost
and yet expands
across the universe -
a supernova
of astrophysical force -
now mocking theism,
here dispelling doubt,
there inverting constant themes,
melting away
from harsh creptitations
to silent sobs
and ancient tears
crying to the breeze;
dripping slowly
falling from the trees,
beating softly,
shadows from the past -
phantom effigies,
whispers in the dark.

I saw a pixie dance
a fairy ring within,
and suddenly the air was filled
with silent song,
incessant recitations
of an ancient incantation;
pulsating enchantment -
diluvial awe -
unceasing vibrations -
an aeolian harp in a gale,
whose infinite harmonies
and universal rhythms
contrive with sympathy
a thousand resonations
to wring from the world,
enslaving a million elfin feet,
calling to the fantasies -
water nymphs and leprechauns -
discussing with nocturnal birds
mythical vitality:
flickering shadows in the brain
of spiders with their prey
engaged in ceaseless agitation,
an eternity of confused frustrations
pursuing ritualistic traits
within a tomb of moving sound,
quickly pulsating,
rapidly fading -
voices of time
chattering to the mystic strains
whose uncontained romance,
disjointed thoughts
and universal palpitation
stir the minds of fairy folk
now fired with distant entropy
across the countless years,
a living entity
encompassed in a trance -
a fairy ring of ancient stars
around a pixie dance.

Ringing -
chirping, cheeping,
crickets singing,
inconsequential crickets
dancing to the Moon -
August moonlight fair
that softly falls
phantoms of the heath upon
and slides across the heavens,
spreading shadows indistinct
the Summer silence o’er,
encompassing the fairy screams
of blind invisible ghosts
and snuffling hedgehogs
scratching under clumps of furze.
Ghost moths
and great water beetles
glide across the lunar disc
as serpents rustle in the grass
and hairs creep vertically.
Upon the graves I see
a luminosity
that seems to fade,
falling far behind the tower
of ancient stone
beneath the peeling yews;
now, laughing constantly,
satanic horns
are driving me insane
within by old forgotten pit.
Perceptible awareness
is virtual animosity
within a swirling decadence
of rotting vegetation
and mouldy, worm eaten neurons,
whose mortal insufficiency
and physical infirmity
fail to grasp eternity,
fading into insignificance
as drifting ages
engulfed by the mists
of infinite time.