Hypnotic excursion

Within this darkness of the night
which o’er pervades the emptiness
and silence of extinguished light
where tactile sense, in readiness
for magic flight, with stealth does lapse,
our conscious visions wax and wane
and burst the fetters that constrain
our thoughts and cause
the mind to pause;
to spurn the stark reality
that lasts until eternity
and all imagination saps.

Now feel the coloured diadems
so nascent in geometry;
swirling, panchromatic gems
with sounds of linearity
defeat the strains of consciousness,
as now we rush into the mist
of tiny shapes whose forms resist
of physical desire ensues
and mental images enthuse
within neuronic helplessness.

And yet the mind is in control,
manipulating every part
of all this chaos in the soul
while palpitations of the heart
arouse impatient inhalations,
consumed by some new found desire
as if within an ancient fire
that slowly burns
within and turns
the darkness into pools of light
that conscious visions so delight,
immersed in strange sensations.

Unbounded, flying o’er the trees,
with fleeting visions rushing past
of untold, unknown destinies,
released from never ending fast
the soul devours the imagery
and dives into the vortices
of newly conjured fantasies
and fain would seize
the passing trees,
yet meekly soars between the shapes
which rush past, many flying drapes
enticed by gusts of reverie.

At last the time of ’wakening creeps
upon a joyous, buoyant soul
which unrelenting, sadly weeps
to yet attain an unseen goal
that’s distant in infinity;
but now the gradual relaxation
unbinds the limbs by percolation,
allowing sense
to recommence
diurnal patterns once again
that sweep us onward to attain
the visions of our destiny.