Whenever I see you

Whenever I see you walking towards me,
your oval face enshrined in a wondrous smile
with torpid eyes, each a magical isle,
I long to descry the joy I always see;
and yet I dare not let you see emotion
for fear that you might mock my tender spirit
and cause me all my life to disinherit -
To flee away across the furthest ocean.

Oh, how I yearn for you to feel my passion
to touch my soul and reflect my frail desire
(or kindle now my terminal funeral pyre
to deny life its allocated ration).
I would offer you gentle tenderness
could I be sure you would not my soul suppress -
my soul that now sinks would rise again on high
and together, with tears of joy, we would cry.

To meet you, to greet you or merely see you
encompasses my feeble heart with quaking
such that I must surely fear a rude waking
and thus my foolish desires forever rue.
But still I have imagination’s vision
that overcomes the stigma of derision
inspiring all human ambition to spawn
beauty and endeavour for a brand new morn’.