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A Note for the Technically Minded

This website is designed to be viewed using Any Browser.  Click the logo of the "Any Browser" campaign below to visit the campaign site.

The website has been tested using Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.  The performance with all browsers is similar.  The website has been updated using the latest HTML5 code and CSS3 stylesheets.  The version currnetly being replaced also uses tables, so browsers that do not support tables may produce unusual layouts.  However, the website is being re-written with CSS layouts replacing the table format, so as the new pages are rolled out, this problem will disappear.

Analysis of site visitors suggests that most visitors use one of the above browsers.  Browsers which do not support colour or are text only may produce significantly different results.  An attempt has been made to allow text-only browsers to make sense of the formats, but no check has been made on the layouts for such browsers.

An authoritative on-line HTML reference can be found at the Tutorials Point Website :